Special Legal Start-up Pack for up and coming Record Labels

22 February 2016
Posted by Mike Katz

Running an indie label?

Just because your record label is DIY doesn’t mean your contracts should be. We see a lot of cobbled-together documents where often neither the label nor the artist understand what they’re signing! This can cause headaches for everyone, especially when money starts coming in.

Studio Legal want to start you off on the right foot, and help explain common issues like copyright ownership, licencing, royalties and recoupment in simple, legally-effective language.

We’re offering a special deal on a suite of essential documents for new independent record labels –

1.  A “licence agreement deal memo” for releasing an artist album, EP or single

2.  A “remix agreement” for commissioning remixes

3.  A “performance release” for any session players or third-party producers who work on label tracks.

Far from being “stock” agreements, Studio Legal will work closely with your label to structure your deal clearly and fairly. A professionally-drafted agreement can help both artist and label know where they stand, and you can get back to the music!

You may also wish to register your label name or logo as a trade mark. Studio Legal are highly experienced in trade mark practice, and can help secure your branding to prevent use by other traders.  Check out here for information on the importance of your registering your trade marks.

If you would like to get your record label legals in check, send us an email – hello@studiolegal.com.au before the end of March 2016 to discuss!