Our Client Industries

Creative people and organisations think imaginatively to produce new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things.  They are also innovative, artistic, inventive, productive, ingenious, original, prolific and visionary.

Studio Legal is proud to service creative people and organisations from a vibrant range of industries where new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things are abundant.  You can find more information about the industries we service below.

Feel aligned with Studio Legal?  We would love to hear from you, even if your industry is not listed.


  • We are no strangers to the events industry. Our team consists of experienced musicians, booking agents, sound technicians, managers, festival and tour coordinators and DJs. In addition, we are skilled entertainment lawyers with a genuine passion for helping Australia’s events industry thrive.

    We represent major Australian music and arts festivals, food and wine festivals, pop up events, fundraising events, conferences, expos, virtual events and workshops. We also work with promoters, managers, galleries, touring agents and other events industry figures.

    We can help you with things like

    • Handling legal affairs portfolios for festivals and events;
    • Intellectual property rights, including trade mark registration
    • Agreements relating to touring, venue hire, bookings, ticketing, performers, volunteers, employees, contractors, talent services, management, production, catering, merchandise and more;
    • Agreements relating to ownership of events including shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and more;
    • Selling and purchasing of events;
    • Risk management, work place safety laws and relevant events insurance;
    • Terms and conditions for event ticketing and entry;
    • Merchandising, endorsements, publicity and sponsorship;
    • Cancellation clauses, including force majeure clauses;
    • Disputes and litigation;
    • Much, much more

    Examples of work:

    • Providing quasi in-house counsel legal services for a diverse range of Australian music and arts festivals, which includes drafting terms and conditions of entry, advising on force majeure events, contracting artists and suppliers, advising on music licensing laws and much more.
    • Assisting a start-up business to protect and commercialise a new Australian-wide family entertainment concept including registering trade marks, drafting a joint venture agreement between partners and preparing and negotiating venue hire agreements.
    • Providing urgent and complex Australian Consumer Law legal advice and ongoing legal support to prominent Australian camping festival in relation to bush fire risks and related postponement and cancellation options.
    • Drafting new suites of bespoke, user friendly, beautifully designed and plain English contracts for prominent events including ticket sale agreements, privacy policies, supplier contracts, employment contracts, sponsorship contracts and talent contracts.