Hospitality, Food and Beverage Law

It may seem glamorous but Studio Legal recognises that being in the hospitality game is hard work and high risk.

Our hospitality clients look to us for guidance in developing sound business systems and keeping them compliant with the likes of the VCGLR, APRA AMCOS, ATO, local council and their landlord.

Our lawyers also represent boutique food and beverage brands and help our hospitality clients release their own product ranges.

Speak to us for assistance on the following matters:

. Advising on and setting up hospitality industry business structures

Choosing and registering business trade marks and designs;

Protection of business intellectual property rights (i.e. recipes and trade secrets);

. Advising on music licence obligations (APRA & PPCA);

Advising and negotiating commercial and retail leases;

. Advice on food and packaging laws and regulations;

. Preparing, reviewing and negotiating supplier agreements;

. Consumer protection advice and compliance;

. Advice on franchising and licensing business models;

. Advising on advertising, merchandising, endorsements, publicity and sponsorship matters;

. Sale and purchase of businesses;

. Employment and contractor agreements;

. Drafting staff manuals and policies;

. Business apps, websites and other digital media assets;

. Disputes and litigation including employment, leasing, partnership and contract disputes.

If you also require assistance applying for a liquor licence or transfer, we would be pleased to introduce you to one of our trusted associates.