Client Love: Interview with ‘Cinema Thom’ Founder and Host of ‘Process’ the Podcast, Arielle Thomas

  • 18 May 2024
  • Studio Legal

Written by Alyce Evans.

Inspiration, creativity and drive. This week, we interviewed an amazing woman who embodies and exemplifies all three. Arielle Thomas is a director, photographer, content strategist, actress and (most recently) a podcast host.

In 2017, Arielle founded Cinema Thom, an Australian production house, which is behind the videos and photography of mega brands such as Viktoria & Woods, Adidas, Dior, Ford, L’Oreal Paris, RUSSH, Samsung, Vogue and many more.

This month, Arielle launched her latest venture – ‘Process’, the podcast.

In our interview with Arielle, we discuss what inspires her, what her new podcast is all about, her Tropfest experience, as well as her advice for aspiring creatives.

What inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired by my friends; watching them grow, learn, go through things, and come out the other side is incredibly inspiring. I’ve recently learned to appreciate and find inspiration in my own resilience too. People have incredible limits.

You’ve just launched a new podcast – ‘Process’. Tell us about this!

Process the podcast was an idea that started while I was struck with COVID this year.

As a creative, the process involved to get to the final output is something of interest to me. I found that when creatives were profiled, often the end result or success was discussed, however, there was little insight into the authentic and personal experience and nitty-gritty processes that led to bringing their work to life.

Through Process, I’ll be interviewing some of our country’s most celebrated photographers, fashion editors, and brand-founders to discuss what honing a creative art form takes. I found myself hungry to talk to my own industry superiors, and it turns out a podcast is a fantastic way to find out and share a free resource with other creative professionals!

I’ll be releasing episodes weekly via Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

What do you look for when choosing people to interview?

Resilience and a process!

I am forming the conversation around my own fashion, design, media peers for season one at least. However, I’m selective on processes that I know will inspire and resonate across the board. Being a new podcast, I want to encourage listeners to listen even if the subject matter is out of their wheelhouse as it could still be relatable.

In 2017, you won second place at Tropfest for your short film, ‘Meat and Potatoes’. How was that experience?

Meat and Potatoes was the first thing I’d directed and produced on my own. Before Tropfest, I had a ball bringing it all to life with only myself to drive it. It was made on $800 with all my friends.

After the Tropfest win, it became a lot easier to get into the room as an emerging filmmaker.

It’s also insane how many people internationally know what Tropfest is, it’s still very well received 5 years on!

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Big year! I’m looking forward to hopefully directing my first TVC (television commercial). So far, it’s just been content and films on my plate. I’m looking forward to building Process and focussing on the community around the podcast, and meeting new people!

What are your top tips for someone wanting to start their own creative business?

Something I’ve been working on a lot and have a new perspective on is getting those returning clients.

When you’re creative, it’s a huge compliment when people come back to work with you again. We’ve got clients like Kmart and Mecca who keep booking with us for video. A domino effect then happens, where people see you working with these brands again and it stands out that we must be nice to work with and provide a good service.

I’ve started using language like ‘Back with X Client’ or ‘Y Client Again’ to really push that impression that people are re-booking. It sends a message I’d encourage everyone to amplify.

Written by Alyce Evans.

Further Information

Learn more about Cinema Thom via its website or listen to Arielle’s new podcast, ‘Process’ on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Photo courtesy of Cinema Thom, shared with their kind permission.