Client Love: Interview with ‘CreativeCubes.Co’ Co-Founder and CEO, Tobi Skovron

  • 18 May 2024
  • Studio Legal

CreativeCubesCo. converts buildings into stylish, collaborative communities. Currently located in Richmond, Hawthorn, South Melbourne and Carlton, they provide offices, meeting rooms

This week, we spoke to CreativeCubesCo. Co-Founder and CEO, Tobi Skovron about what he’s learnt during lockdown, his advice for creating a successful start-up, what inspires him and more.

What inspires you?

To deliver the unthinkable.

Most people have ideas, but don’t action them thinking its impossible or unachievable. This fuels me to take action, apply myself and deliver WOW.

What are three lessons you’ve learnt during lockdown?

My mindset going in was “don’t waste the pandemic”, which translated to going at a laundry list of goals, navigating, critically thinking, working, tweaking, driving new ideas and developing new working muscles so that when the turn comes my team and I are ready.

The three main lessons were:

1. Relationships above everything else.

2. Always plan and be prepared for a “rainy day”.

3. You can!

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

I’m excited to see my team win.

They all went so deep and allowed me to lead them… I want them to see the fruits of their hard work and commitment to the mission and vision we have set here at CreativeCubes.Co.

What are your top tips for someone wanting to create and run their own start-up?

Do It – back yourself, stay hyper focused and go all in.

What is one thing you are obsessed with and loving right now?

Orange Theory Fitness – I love the trainers, programs, data, focus, putting energy into it and getting a lot from it in return.  Without it, I’m not sure I would have the mental capacity to execute my role, mission and vision to the best of my ability.

Further information

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Photo courtesy of CreativeCubesCo.