We Love: Sara’s Top TV Shows – Recommendations and Review

  • 18 May 2024
  • Studio Legal

Our Practice Manager Sara loves a great quality TV show (don’t we all?).

“I love a good visceral TV series, one that consumes your every thought for hours after you have watched an episode. Below is my most current Top 3! But, if you’re looking for some classics… if you haven’t binged The Sopranos, The Wire and the first series of True Detective, I suggest you get onto them first as they are ALL TIME.

This week, Sara shares her top 3 recommendations for binge-worthy TV shows.

1. Euphoria

Euphoria is a visually stunning series which centres upon a group of teenagers navigating the many trials and tribulations of life, addiction, body image, sexuality, love, social media stigmas and much, much more.

However, do not be fooled, a teen melodrama…this is not. The content is brutal, portrayed with a raw honesty that grips you well beyond the closing credits of each episode. The soundtrack is perfectly curated, the cinematography is captivating, and thoughts are provoked by some of the most powerful performances on television today.

One thing is for sure, Euphoria will take up rent in your head.

2. Succession

The third season of Succession has recently just aired and it is the ultimate family feud drama.

At it’s most basic level, Succession is about the unchecked mega-rich lifestyle of The Roys – a media conglomerate family headed by Logan Roy; a monstrosity of a man, who will soon be choosing a successor to his empire.

You will find the ways in which the Roy family compete with each other for dominance, absolutely abhorrent, with every member being just as awful as the other. It’s shocking and funny and complicated and so brilliantly acted. The scenery of the Waystar Royco lifestyle will transport you to villas on Lake Como and lavish yachts on crystal clear Croatian waters, as you trapeze alongside the family from one helicopter pad to the next.

Succession really is one of the greatest shows of all time, up there with The Sopranos and The Wire for character development, television writing, direction, acting brilliance and razor sharp dialogue.

3. The White Lotus

This six-part television series is set in a Hawaiian resort, where rich guests rub shoulders with hard done by staff as their lives begin to unravel and their dark truths revealed.

The layers upon layers of subversive social commentary are peeled back with every episode and the musical score evokes an uneasy frenetic pace. The set design (a transformed current Hawaiian resort) is spectacular. It will make your head tilt further sideways as it lends itself to being a warped and wonderful backdrop.

The White Lotus is a perfect storm of disparate groups mingling, which make for a very dark (but funny as well as tragic) and uncomfortable birds-eye view. You will laugh and squirm and be sad all at the same time.

Written by Sara Giampa Kease

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