• As lovers of the arts, it’s not uncommon to find our team wandering (either in person or virtually) through galleries and bookstores, or attending the theatre, the ballet or an art fair.

    We love working with work with artists, performers, gallery owners (including NFT gallery owners), authors and illustrators, publishers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and artistic types of all persuasions.

    We can help you with things like

    • Agreements relating to publishing, illustration, co-writing, collaboration, commission, assignment and licensing, agents, talent, management, venue hire and more;
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation;
    • Moral and performers rights;
    • Brand protection and trade mark registration;
    • Design registration and advice;
    • Pre-publication legal advice and content clearance;
    • Advice on receiving and providing royalties;
    • NFT advice;
    • Talent and location releases;
    • Terms and conditions of sale and entry for events and venue admission;
    • General business structuring and set up advice;
    • IP, contract and payment disputes; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Drafting terms of sale agreements between artists and purchasers of art, and advising on matters like copyright, moral rights, resale royalties and display rights.
    • Drafting agreements between artists and online galleries for the sale of artworks, including NFTs.
    • Working with authors, publishers and illustrators to prepare agreements for the licence or assignment of copyright in their work.
    • Representing artists in disputes involving the infringement of copyright and moral rights in their artworks, including litigation in the Federal Court.
    • Drafting and filing registered design applications and advising on registered design matters generally.