• We like to keep ourselves fit and healthy, whether that’s through a gym session, an online yoga class at the office or simply tracking our steps with smart fitness tech.  We’re excited and inspired by the way the fitness industry is continually evolving.

    Studio Legal is proud to work with players across the full spectrum of the fitness industry, including gym owners and franchisees, fitness education providers, yoga and pilates studio owners, personal trainers, fitness influencers, e-commerce fitness retailers and sports tech companies.

    We can help you with things like

    • General business set up and asset protection advice;
    • Commercial leases;
    • Equipment agreements;
    • Loan agreements;
    • Agreements between founders and business partners;
    • Terms and conditions for studios, memberships, online stores and more;
    • Privacy policies and collection notices for health information;
    • Brand protection and trade mark registration;
    • Advising on compliance with the Fitness Industry Award;
    • Employment and contractor agreements;
    • Branded product development, merchandise and sponsorship;
    • Protecting, selling and licensing the IP assets associated with fitness businesses;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Advising on all aspects of the purchase of the Australian arm of a US-based gym franchise with more than 1000 locations worldwide. This included advising on the deal structure, Australian franchising considerations under the Franchising Code, and preparing and negotiating all transaction documents.
    • Preparing all documents (including business set up documents, wholesale supplier agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies) and providing brand protection advice for an e-commerce business in the fitness and active wear industry.
    • Review of well-known pilates studio’s staff hiring practices including assessing whether staff should be hired as employees or contractors, advising on aspects of the Fitness Industry Award, drafting new employment, contractor and individual flexibility agreements.
    • Advising the founders of an education-based children’s fitness program on all aspects of their start-up including founder agreements, IP licensing agreements, investment agreements, restructuring and licensing of program to third parties.
    • Advising a number of fitness influencers in relation to the development and launch of an online fitness education business.