• We may not know how to code, but we do know what intellectual property rights are contained in software and technology, as well as how to commercialise and protect these rights.

    Inspired by the opportunities for growth and innovation that technology represents, we are proud to work with a diverse range of technology clients including tech start-ups, mobile applications, online marketplace platforms, software developers, IT service providers, virtual reality developers, NFT marketplaces, wearable technology developers, digital artists, electronic music producers and more.

    We can help you with things like:

    • General business structure and set up advice;
    • Intellectual property advice relating to technology and digital content such as code, software, NFTs, images, music, e-books and more;
    • Agreements with software developers, employers, employees, contractors, collaborators, suppliers and more;
    • Agreements relating to ownership of tech start-ups including shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and more;
    • Purchasing or selling tech businesses;
    • Capital raising documents such as SAFE and convertible notes;
    • Commercialising digital content;
    • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
    • Creation and maintenance of digital asset portfolios;
    • Domain name searches, registration, transfers and disputes;
    • Terms and conditions for apps, websites and e-commerce stores;
    • Online policies relating to privacy, intellectual property, shipping, returns and social media;
    • E-commerce business and legal advice;
    • Disputes;
    • Litigation;
    • And much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Assisting the founder of an online not-for-profit fundraising platform with website terms and cross-border privacy policies.
    • Advising a key investor on the terms of investment (including reviewing and negotiating all subscription documents) as part of a capital raise for an Australian-based fintech start up.
    • Advising a start-up arts business with the preparation of contracts for a new NFT marketplace including advising on various copyright matters pertaining to the platform.
    • Preparing suite of contracts for online marketplace for the exchange of professional business services including drafting terms of use, privacy policy, code of conduct, dispute resolution policy, as well as ensuring that all intellectual property assets such as copyright and trade mark rights are appropriately protected.
    • Representing a prominent fintech start-up generally including in relation to capital raising, employment matters and trade mark registrations.
    • Advising a start-up online food marketplace platform in relation to business model legal compliance matters and drafting suite of contracts for platform including terms of use for various users and privacy policy.
    • Preparing a suite of template app and website design and development agreements for a large digital agency within the entertainment industry.