Our Client Industries

Creative people and organisations think imaginatively to produce new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things.  They are also innovative, artistic, inventive, productive, ingenious, original, prolific and visionary.

Studio Legal is proud to service creative people and organisations from a vibrant range of industries where new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things are abundant.  You can find more information about the industries we service below.

Feel aligned with Studio Legal?  We would love to hear from you, even if your industry is not listed.


  • We love a day (and night) out on the town and are always on the lookout for new and exciting venues to visit. Therefore, we are proud to work alongside clients who own, run and operate venues.

    Understanding the mountain of work that goes on behind the scenes, we take care of everything legal to ensure that things run smoothly. Our clients include restaurants, bars, nightclubs, co-working spaces, photography studios, galleries, event spaces and more.

    We can help you with things like:

    • General business structure and set up advice;
    • Agreements such as leases, subleases, sublicences and co-working licences;
    • Agreements relating to use of venue, such as venue hire agreements and location releases;
    • Commission and consignment agreements for sale of goods at venue;
    • Trade mark and brand protection;
    • Advertising, merchandising, endorsement, publicity and sponsorship;
    • Apps, website and other digital media assets;
    • Music licensing obligations including handling dealings with APRA/AMCOS and ARIA;
    • Employee, contractor, performer, supplier and other agreements
    • Risk management, work place safety laws and insurance;
    • Waivers of liability;
    • Membership terms and condition;
    • Privacy compliance and policies;
    • Terms and conditions for event ticketing and entry;
    • Leasing disputes and troubles with Landlord; and
    • Much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Providing ongoing legal support to leading Melbourne co-working business including negotiating all site leases, drafting co-working membership T&Cs, protecting trade marks, drafting agreements between owners, restructuring advice and transactional assistance and much more.
    • Advising on all aspects of the purchase of the Australian arm of a US-based gym franchise with more than 1000 locations worldwide (including deal structure, preparing and negotiating all transaction documents and Australian franchising considerations under the Franchising Code).
    • Assisting various venue and nightclub operators throughout Victoria with COVID-19 rent relief advice and negotiations with landlords.
    • Reviewing and preparing a suite of template co-working licence and event booking agreements for a multidisciplinary creative studio and co-working hub.
    • Reviewing and negotiating lease for a key tenant of a Melbourne-based not-for-profit social enterprise arts precinct.
    • Assisting bars, restaurants and cafes with recovery of unpaid debts in VCAT and the Magistrates Court.
    • Drafting new venue hire agreements for well-known live music venue in Melbourne.
    • Setting up and representing not-for-profit association of Australian venue owners including advising on music licensing fees.