• In business, things don’t always go to plan and disputes can arise. In stressful times, we help our clients to understand their legal position from the outset and create strategic and effective pathways out of the dispute.

    We encourage our clients to have open and respectful discussions with their counterparts early on to promote settlement with reduced legal costs and stress. We only use the courts as a last resort.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Contract disputes;
    • Misleading and deceptive conduct disputes;
    • Consumer law disputes;
    • Business and commercial disputes;
    • Retail leasing disputes;
    • Intellectual property disputes;
    • Music industry disputes;
    • Partnership, joint venture, shareholder, unitholder and director disputes, including breach of director’s duties or fiduciary duties, claims of oppression, fund misappropriation and more;
    • Debt recovery; and
    • Much, much more.