• Defamation law spans widely across traditional, print, digital and social media including film and television, radio, news, podcasts, interviews, streaming video games, and posting comments on social media.

    We help our clients to stay on the right side of defamation law and protect their individual and business reputations.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Defamation law generally;
    • Bringing defamation claims;
    • Defending defamation claims;
    • Bringing injurious falsehood claims (for larger businesses);
    • Defending injurious falsehood claims (for larger businesses);
    • Pre-publication legal advice (including advice on defamation risks) and content clearance;
    • The application of defamation law to social media;
    • Dispute resolution;
    • Litigation;¬†and
    • Much, much more.