• Defamation lawyers

    Defamation law operates across traditional, print, digital, social and emerging media forms. This includes film and television, radio, news, podcasts, interviews, video game streaming, and even posting comments on social media.

    We help our clients to stay on the right side of defamation law and protect their individual and business reputations.

    Who we work with

    We work with a range of clients on both sides of defamation law. This includes celebrities, talent and private individuals, who have been defamed.

    On the other side, we work with clients in the media and publishing, providing pre-publication legal reviews to flag and address any potentially defamatory content.

    For more information about the industries we work with, take a look at our client industries here 

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    Defamation law advice services

    • Pre-publication legal advice (including advice on defamation risks) and content clearances.
    • Reviewing allegedly defamatory content.
    • Advising whether there are grounds for a defamation claim.
    • Advising whether there are grounds for a claim of injurious falsehood (for larger businesses).
    • Defamation and social media.
    • Defamation and publishing.
    • Defamation and radio / podcasts.
    • Defamation and third party comments on business’ social media pages.

    Defamation law dispute services

    • Advising clients whether they have grounds to take action for defamation.
    • Bringing defamation claims.
    • Defending defamation claims.
    • Advising clients whether they have grounds to take action for injurious falsehood (for larger businesses).
    • Bringing injurious falsehood claims (for larger businesses).
    • Defending injurious falsehood claims (for larger businesses.
    • Drafting and responding to letters of demand.
    • Alternative Dispute resolution.
    • Negotiations and mediation.
    • Defamation disputes and litigation.

    Common problems our defamation lawyers solve

    • Someone is posting defamatory comments about me online, what can I do?
    • I’ve been defamed… can you help?
    • Can you review my manuscript/campaign copy/social media post/reel/script to confirm I haven’t defamed anyone?
    • I’m writing a memoir/non-fiction book that talks about real people and events… I’ve changed people’s names… is this enough?
    • What is considered “defamation” in Australia?