• Whether you are an employee, employer, sole business owner, contractor or freelancer, employment law is something that affects us all.

    We are committed to helping creative people and businesses understand their employment law rights and obligations and promoting the running of safe, effective and legally compliant workplaces.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Employment, contractor, freelancer, director and personal services agreements;
    • Advice on sham contracting and contractor v employee assessments;
    • Modern awards and staff entitlements;
    • National Employment Standards;
    • Employee termination, unfair dismissal, notice periods and other provisions of the Fair Work Act;
    • Redundancies;
    • Insurance policies, including workers compensation and public liability;
    • Confidentiality (NDA) agreements;
    • Staff manuals, business policies and codes of conduct;
    • Representation at the Fair Work Tribunal (for employees and employers); and
    • Much, much more.