• Employment lawyers

    Whether you are an employee, employer, sole business owner, contractor or freelancer, employment law is something that affects us all.

    We are committed to helping creative people and businesses understand their employment law rights and obligations and promoting the running of safe, effective and legally compliant workplaces.

    Who we work with

    Our employment lawyers work with a wide range of creative individuals and businesses. For more information about the industries we work with, take a look at our client industries here.

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    Employment law advice services

    We provide advice on employment law, such as:

    • Application of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).  
    • Employment, contractor, freelancer, director and personal services agreements.
    • Employee vs contractor assessments. 
    • Sham contracting.
    • Modern awards and staff entitlements.
    • National Employment Standards.
    • Insurance requirements, including workers compensation, public liability and more.
    • Cancellation of contractor services. 
    • Termination of employment. 
    • Unfair dismissal.
    • Notice periods.
    • Restraint of trade and confidentiality clauses.  
    • Redundancy assessments.  
    • Staff manuals, business policies and codes of conduct.

    Employment contract services

    We can draft, review and negotiate a range of contracts and key documents for your business, including: 

    • Employment agreements. 
    • Contractor agreements. 
    • Individual flexibility arrangements. 
    • Confidentiality agreements (NDAs).
    • Employee handbooks. 
    • Staff manuals, business policies and codes of conduct.
    • Recruitment terms of service. 
    • Consultation letters for redundancy scenarios. 
    • Termination of employment letters. 
    • Extension of fixed term employment letter.  
    • Deed of variation of employment agreement. 
    • Director letters of appointment.  

    Employment dispute services

    We can assist with employment disputes, including: 

    • Notices of breach of employment agreement. 
    • Cease and desist letters.   
    • Unfair dismissal claims.
    • Representation at the Fair Work Tribunal (for employees and employers).
    • Settlement options for termination of employment. 

    Common problems our employment lawyers solve

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