• We are no strangers to the events industry. Our inside knowledge and practical experience allows us to guide business owners and other players in the industry to run well-protected and legally compliant events.

    Our experience in this area sees us regularly hired to provide ongoing support to major festivals and other notable events throughout Australia.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Handling legal affairs portfolios for festivals and events;
    • Intellectual property rights, including trade mark registration;
    • Agreements relating to touring, venue hire, bookings, ticketing, performers, volunteers, employees, contractors, talent services, management, production, catering, merchandise and more;
    • Agreements relating to ownership of events including shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements and more;
    • Selling and purchasing of events;
    • Risk management, work place safety laws and relevant events insurance;
    • Terms and conditions for event ticketing and entry;
    • Merchandising, endorsements, publicity and sponsorship;
    • Cancellation clauses, including force majeure clauses;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more