• Fashion lawyers x Fashion Lovers

    At Studio Legal, we like to do things a little differently. When it comes to our office ‘uniform’, this means that boring, poorly designed suits are out… while chunky sneakers, platform boots, cargo pants, floaty dresses, designer coats, out-there accessories and really, whatever we feel like wearing that day, is always in.

    As lovers of fashion and specialists in IP and commercial law, we provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the fashion industry.

    Who we work with

    Our experienced fashion lawyers work with clients across all aspects of the fashion industry, including fashion designers, pattern makers, textile designers, manufacturers, models and talent (and their agents), retailers and more.

    Looking for legal assistance or advice? We’d love to help. Get in touch with one of our fashion lawyers today. 

    Fashion law advice services

    We provide specialised advice on fashion law, such as: 

    • Intellectual property strategies.
    • Copyright.
    • Design rights.
    • Trade marks.
    • Navigating the intersection between copyright law and design law.
    • Protection and commercialisation of IP (including copyright, designs and trade marks). 
    • Product labelling advice for garments, footwear and headwear.
    • Influencer marketing.
    • Advertising or marketing campaign pre-publication advice.
    • And much more.

    Fashion contract services

    We can draft, review and negotiate a range of contracts relating to fashion, including: 

    • Fashion design services agreements. 
    • Collaboration agreements.  
    • Supply and manufacture agreements. 
    • Wholesale supply agreements. 
    • Sales agent agreements. 
    • Retail stockist agreements. 
    • Consignment agreements. 
    • Distribution agreements. 
    • Online store terms and conditions, returns policies and privacy policies.  
    • Employee and contractor agreements. 
    • Retail lease agreements. 
    • Model management and agreements. 
    • Model agency agreements. 
    • Model booking terms and conditions. 
    • Showroom agreements. 
    • Licensing agreements. 
    • Joint venture agreements. 
    • Model and talent release agreements. 

    Fashion commercialisation services

    We can help you commercialise your creativity in the fashion industry in a range of ways, including: 

    • Applications to register and certify your designs.
    • Copyright licensing and assignment. 
    • Design licensing and assignment. 
    • Collaboration agreements.  
    • Fashion design services agreements. 
    • Trade mark applications.
    • Patent applications.  

    Intellectual property infringement services

    We have specialist experience dealing with intellectual property infringement and disputes in the fashion industry, including: 

    • Drafting and responding to cease and desist letters. 
    • Alternative dispute resolution. 
    • Negotiations and mediation. 
    • Copyright, trade mark and design infringement proceedings and litigation.

    Legacy and estate planning services

    Looking to create an ‘artist legacy’ to pass on to your family, friends, charities or others? We can assist with things such as: 

    • Advice on estate planning in relation to your intellectual property assets.  
    • Drafting wills and testamentary documents. 
    • Gallery bequests. 

    Common problems our fashion lawyers solve

    • How can I protect my designs? 
    • Someone has copied my design, what can I do? 
    • I’m starting my own fashion label, what legals do I need?
    • I’ve been offered a collaboration contract with a major brand/retailer. What does it mean and should I sign? 
    • Should I trade mark my brand name and logo?  
    • What is the difference between a trade mark and a business name? Do I need both?
    • What’s the difference between copyright, trade marks and design rights? Which ones do I need for my business?
    • I want to sell my products on my website. What legal terms do I need? 
    • Can I send influencers free products? Are there any legal requirements that my brand or the influencer has to follow?