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    As lovers of film and television, we’re passionate about the growth and success of this vibrant industry in Australia. When not in the office, you’ll find our team attending film festivals, devouring the latest film/tv reviews, hosting movie nights with friends and bingeing must-watch tv series.

    Who we work with

    With our specialist film and TV legal expertise,  we enjoy working with a range of clients across the industry, including screenwriters, film and tv producers, actors, talent, broadcast journalists, agents, directors and more.

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    Film & TV law advice services

    We provide specialised advice on film and TV law, such as: 

    • Intellectual property rights in film, television, musical scores and associated works.
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation.
    • Chain of title.
    • Script reviews and pre-publication clearances.
    • Intellectual property clearances.
    • Defamation advice and clearances.
    • Censorship.
    • Moral rights.
    • Performers rights.
    • Residuals.
    • Licensing of music and other copyrights including synch placements, remixes and sampling (to include in television shows and films).
    • Broadcast, streaming and other mandatory licences.
    • Talent and location releases.
    • Merchandises and sponsorship.
    • Project financing and funding advice.
    • Employee coverage and classification advice under the Broadcasting Award.
    • Advice for authors and writers on shopping agreements, option agreements and production agreements.

    Film & TV contract services

    We can draft, review and negotiate a range of contracts relating to film and television, including: 

    • Director agreements. 
    • Writer agreements. 
    • Producer agreements. 
    • Cast/talent agreements 
    • Crew agreements. 
    • Music licence agreements. 
    • Confidentiality agreements (NDAs).
    • Distribution agreements. 
    • Co-development agreements. 
    • Co- producing agreements. 
    • Shopping agreements. 
    • Option agreements. 
    • Synchronisation agreements. 
    • Location releases. 
    • Equipment releases. 
    • Talent releases. 
    • Supplier agreements. 
    • Intellectual property assignment and licensing agreements. 
    • Loan agreements. 

    Film & TV commercialisation services

    We can help you commercialise your creativity through the film and television industry in a range of ways, including:  

    • Intellectual property licensing and assignment.
    • Trade mark applications, protection and commercialisation.
    • Contract drafting and negotiating for the adaptation of literary works for film and television.
    • Music licensing and rights for film and television.
    • Rights registration with collection societies.  
    • Sponsorship, endorsements, publicity and merchandising matters. 

    Defamation services

    Anticipate an issue with publishing or broadcasting your work? Or perhaps you’ve published or broadcast something that has landed you in some hot water. When it comes to defamation, we can assist with the following: 

    • Defamation advice.
    • Pre-publication defamation clearances. 
    • Post publication defamation advice.
    • Pre-broadcast defamation clearances.
    • Post broadcast defamation advice. 
    • Image protection and damage mitigation. 
    • Defamation disputes, mediation and litigation.

    Dispute services

    We have specialist experience dealing with infringements and disputes in the film and television industry, including: 

    • Drafting and responding to cease and desist letters. 
    • Alternative dispute resolution. 
    • Negotiations and mediation. 
    • Intellectual property infringement proceedings and litigation. 
    • Defamation proceedings and litigation.

    Legacy and estate planning services

    Looking to create a ‘legacy’ to pass on to your family, friends, charities or others? We can assist with things such as: 

    • Advice on estate planning in relation to your intellectual property assets.  
    • Drafting wills and testamentary documents. 
    • Gallery and archival bequests.  

    Common problems our film & TV lawyers solve

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