• Publishing Lawyers x Passionate Readers

    As lawyers, we’re used to reading and writing!  

    However, beyond office hours, our love of language and stories, real and imagined, flows into our everyday lives. Our interest in literature and publishing traverses all genres and forms.

    Through the law, we seek to empower and support Australia’s talented writers, illustrators, publishers and everyone involved in this unique industry.  

    Who we work with

    Our experienced publishing lawyers work with authors, journalists, writers, media personalities, illustrators, artists, book cover designers, literary agents, editors, publishing houses, magazines, journals and more.  

    Looking for legal assistance or advice? We’d love to help. Get in touch with one of our publishing lawyers today. 


    Publishing advice services

    We provide legal advice on the publishing industry, such as: 

    • Publishing agreements and negotiations.  
    • Pre-publishing legal advice and clearances for books, articles, scripts, ads, blogs, social media content and other publications. 
    • The application of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). 
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation. 
    • Moral rights.  
    • Advice on receiving and providing royalties.  
    • Defamation. 

    Publishing industry contract services

    We can draft, review and negotiate a range of contracts relating to the publishing industry, including: 

    • Publishing agreements. 
    • Joint and co-author agreements. 
    • Collaboration agreements.  
    • Illustrator agreements. 
    • Book cover design agreements.
    • Literary agent agreements. 
    • Contractor agreements. 
    • Shopping agreements. 
    • Option and purchase agreements.  
    • Production agreements.  
    • Intellectual property licensing agreements and deeds. 
    • Intellectual property assignment agreements and deeds. 
    • Interviewee release forms.  

    Intellectual property and publishing commercialisation services

    We can help you commercialise your creativity in the publishing industry through the following: 

    • Intellectual property strategy, protection, commercialisation and enforcement. 
    • Intellectual property licensing and assignment. 
    • Australian and international trade marks.  
    • Merchandise licence agreements.
    • Shopping agreements, option and purchase agreements, and production agreements (for film and television deals). 
    • Online store terms and conditions.

    Disputes and infringement services

    We have experience dealing with intellectual property infringement, defamation and other disputes in the publishing industry, including: 

    • Drafting and responding to cease and desist letters. 
    • Alternative dispute resolution. 
    • Negotiations and mediation. 
    • Copyright infringement proceedings and litigation. 
    • Defamation proceedings. 
    • Trade mark disputes, hearings and litigation.  
    • Copyright disclaimers. 

    Legacy and estate planning services

    Looking to create a ‘legacy’ to pass on to your family, friends, charities or others? We can assist with things such as: 

    • Advice on estate planning in relation to your intellectual property assets.  
    • Drafting wills and testamentary documents. 

    Common problems our publishing lawyers solve

    • What rights do I have under copyright law? 
    • I’ve been offered a publishing contract. Can you explain my rights and what terms I should negotiate?  
    • Can I use other people’s quotes in my work? 
    • How can I obtain a licence to use third party works in my own work? 
    • I’m an illustrator. How can I protect my illustrations?  
    • I want to collaborate with another creator, how do I protect my copyright in this process? 
    • What is the process for getting my work turned into a TV show or film?  
    • What is the difference between licensing and assigning the copyright in my work? 
    • How can I legally write about real people and events (without being sued for defamation)?