• We don’t profess to be construction lawyers per se, but when it comes to understanding IP rights in the design and build process as well as protecting construction brand assets, we take a special interest.

    We assist clients from various sectors of the construction industry including project managers, builders, architects, interior designers and draftsmen to understand and navigate the IP landscape of their industry.

    Although we do not provide typical ‘construction law’ services we can help you with things in the construction industry relating to intellectual property like:

    • Trade mark registration and protection including in Australia and internationally;
    • Common law trade mark rights;
    • Passing off claims;
    • Copyright in architectural drawings and plans, including understanding rights, protection, commercialisation and infringement;
    • Updates to IP clauses in construction documentation;
    • Transfer and licensing of IP;
    • Inter-company IP assignment and licensing arrangements for large corporate groups where a holding company owns IP assets;
    • Intellectual property disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Advising on and implementing a registered trade mark protection strategy and preparing inter-company licence agreements for one of the largest construction companies in the southern hemisphere.
    • Advising on and drafting updates to prominent architectural and interior design practices’ various contract documentation, to ensure their IP assets were adequately protected and better commercialised.
    • Assisting boutique construction companies with brand protection, including registering a suite of brand assets as trade marks and assisting in the managing of trade mark portfolios.
    • Assisting architectural draftsmen and boutique construction companies on copyright issues associated with architectural drawings and plans to ensure liability is minimised to the maximum extent possible.
    • Handling copyright disputes regarding architectural drawings and plans for architects, interior designers and draftsmen.