• We love beautifully designed things at Studio Legal and are passionate about helping designers protect and bring their ideas to life. Our team consists of both professionally trained designers, as well as hobby sewers, painters and furniture makers.

    Using our industry knowledge and niche skill set in commercial law, copyright and designs law, we work with a range of fashion, jewellery, textiles, interiors, furniture, toys, equipment and other designers to help them commercialise and protect their work.

    We can help you with things like

    • Design checks;
    • Design registration and certification;
    • IP protection strategies;
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation;
    • Moral rights and performer rights;
    • Navigating the intersection between copyright law and designs law;
    • Brand protection and trade mark registration;
    • Managing and dealing with counterfeit and infringing goods;
    • Agreements relating to collaboration, commission, licensing, assigning and more;
    • Advice on receiving and providing royalties;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Advising a tapestry artist on the complicated copyright and designs overlap and assisting her to implement the appropriate IP protection strategy.
    • Assisting one of Australia’s leading bridal brands to successfully register their bridal gown designs.
    • Assisting an Australian ceramicist to successfully register and certify their unique mug design in Australia.
    • Advising and representing fashion clients in both the bringing and defending of design infringement allegations.
    • Assisting a start-up business to successfully register their designs for children’s toys and play equipment.
    • Preparing and implementing a design enforcement strategy for a leading Australian interiors brand.