• Not only do we live, breathe and love the entertainment industry – many of our lawyers have also worked within it. Our team consists of experienced musicians, entertainment industry booking agents, managers, film production assistants, festival and tour coordinators and DJs. This expertise allows us to understand and identify the unique challenges and commercial opportunities for our clients.

    As experienced music lawyers, we entertainment lawyers, we help artists, performers, musicians, record labels, production companies, distributors, festivals, event promoters, radio stations, managers, talent agents and many others working within the entertainment industry.

    Looking for legal assistance or advice? We’d love to help. Get in touch with one of our entertainment lawyers today.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Setting up your new entertainment business.
    • Agreements for talent, performers, artists, bands, management, booking agencies, producers, record labels, publishers and more.
    • Copyright matters, including rights, use, protection, infringement and commercialisation.
    • Copyright licences and assignments.
    • Moral rights and performer rights.
    • Clearing samples.
    • Distribution deals for both physical and digital products.
    • Trade mark registration of performer, record label or other business names.
    • Industry standards.
    • Collection of royalties and residuals.
    • Cease and desist letters.
    • APRA/AMCOS/ARIA music licences.
    • Band disputes.
    • Breach of contract advice.
    • Festival legals.
    • Pre-publishing clearances for advertisements, scripts, books, social media content and other publications.
    • Retailing and distribution of digital media, including music, software and film.
    • Handling legal affairs for festivals and events.
    • Merchandise, endorsements, sponsorship and publicity matters;
    • Employment matters;
    • Disputes and litigation including copyright infringement, partnership and contractual disputes; and
    • Much more!

    For more information about our services, take a look at our Entertainment Law page here.

    Examples of work:

    • Drafting entertainment industry agreements for all stakeholders in the industry and ensuring fairness and satisfaction for the parties involved.
    • Representing prominent independent music label in commercial and IP matters including drafting suite of artist agreements, negotiating sub-publishing agreement with well-known overseas publisher and restructuring business.
    • Advising artists on copyright infringement of their original works and drafting cease and desist letters or engaging in other dispute resolution strategies to address the infringement.
    • Establishing and representing peak music industry not-for-profits set up to support music industry businesses with various issues facing the music industry including the COVID-19 pandemic and increases to copyright licence fees for music use.
    • Handling legal affairs for various festivals prior to the event and ensuring watertight agreements are in place to protect their commercial interests including advising on music licensing, artist engagement terms, recording of performances and other issues.
    • Negotiating copyright licenses for the use of musical works on behalf of clients who intend to sample or create an adaptation of that musical work.
    • Running litigation in the Magistrates’ Court in relation to a dispute between a music manager and well-known artist.