Our Client Industries

Creative people and organisations think imaginatively to produce new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things.  They are also innovative, artistic, inventive, productive, ingenious, original, prolific and visionary.

Studio Legal is proud to service creative people and organisations from a vibrant range of industries where new and exciting ideas, objects, artistic works, places and ways of doing things are abundant.  You can find more information about the industries we service below.

Feel aligned with Studio Legal?  We would love to hear from you, even if your industry is not listed.


  • Equal to our love of music, is our love of quality film and TV content. You will find our team when out of lockdown, checking out films at various film festivals or enjoying an outdoor cinema and when in lockdown, binging the must watch TV series on any number of streaming platforms.

    With specialist film and TV legal expertise on the Studio Legal team, we enjoy working with a range of clients across the industry, including actors, talent, film and television producers, screenwriters, agents and directors.

    We can help you with things like

    • Agreements with actors, talent, writers, broadcast journalists, entertainers, cast and crew, employees, contractors, agents and insurers;
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation;
    • Performer and moral rights;
    • Production agreements for television and films;
    • Defamation advice and clearances;
    • Censorship;
    • Licensing of music and other copyrights including synch placements, remixes and sampling (to include in television shows and films);
    • Chain of title;
    • Broadcast, streaming and other mandatory licences;
    • Talent, copyright and location releases;
    • Merchandise and sponsorship;
    • Financing and funding;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Representing a well-known production company in negotiations with film rights owners for the showing of films with new, original scores performed by live bands.
    • Advising on and negotiating a television production deal for a well-known underground magazine, in order to expand their magazine concept to television.
    • Establishing the corporate structure and ownership agreements for a start-up film production company, as well as assisting the start-up to commission and acquire ownership of a script written by a well-known celebrity for their first production.