• At Studio Legal we love brands. We particularly admire those who use their creative talents to devise strategies and produce assets to support and build brand integrity and awareness.

    We represent an inspiring catalogue of ground-breaking agencies and other businesses who practice all sorts of marketing and advertising disciplines from traditional advertising, brand strategy, market research, graphic design, copywriting, PR and communications, digital media marketing and everything in between.

    We can help you with things like:

    • General business structure and set-up;
    • Pre-publication legal advice and clearances for content such as videos, podcasts, social media tiles and entire brand campaigns;
    • Copyright matters, including rights, use, protection, infringement and commercialisation;
    • Trade mark registration and protection;
    • Client services agreements;
    • Agreements with employees, talent, freelancers, contractors;
    • Negotiations between agencies, talent and brands;
    • Sponsorship, endorsements, publicity and merchandising matters;
    • Australian Consumer Law;
    • Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics;
    • Australian Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct (AiMCO);
    • Running promotions, competitions and lotteries;
    • Defamation law;
    • Labelling and packaging advice;
    • Superannuation and tax obligations for influencer and talent engagements;
    • Location releases;
    • Privacy matters, including drafting privacy policies;
    • Domain name searches, registration, transfers and disputes;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more.

    Examples of work:

    • Preparing suites of legal documents for creative agencies, including client services agreements, talent agreements, supplier agreements, contractor and employment agreements, copyright licences and assignments.
    • Working collaboratively with branding agencies on naming projects to ensure names that they pitch to their clients can be legally used and are likely to obtain exclusive trade mark protection.
    • Representing both marketers and talent in single campaign and brand ambassador negotiations, including advising and drafing an influencer engagement agreement for a high-profile Australian influencer and representing a high-profile health brand in negotiations with a celebrity brand ambassador.
    • Reviewing and negotiating regular high-stake client engagement contracts for creative agencies.
    • Managing sale of business transactions for leading creative agencies.
    • Providing pre-publication advice and clearances for creative agencies in relation to edgy advertising campaigns for large global brands in Australia, where issues such as copyright and claims under the Australian Consumer Law are carefully considered and worked through.