• As avid content consumers, you’ll find us indulging in everything from celebrity gossip updates and space documentaries to cutting edge, informative, and well produced podcasts, magazines, community radio and news channels.

    We’re proud to work with journalists, writers, podcast producers, PR & communications agencies, news and media publishers, talent, influencers, social media managers, copywriters and other content creators.

    We can help you with things like

    • Agreements relating to the providing of services to your customers, talent, influencers, agents and more;
    • Usage rights, royalties and payments;
    • Copyright protection, infringement and commercialisation;
    • Moral rights and performer rights;
    • Brand protection and trade mark registration;
    • Pre-publication legal advice and content clearance;
    • Obtaining music and other copyright licences for your content;
    • Employment matters;
    • Talent and location releases;
    • Terms and conditions, privacy policies, shipping and return policies for online media platforms;
    • Australian Consumer Law;
    • Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Code of Ethics;
    • Australian Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct (AiMCO);
    • Running promotions, competitions, and lotteries;
    • Privacy law;
    • IP, contract, consumer law and payment disputes; and
    • Much, much more!

    Examples of work:

    • Drafting new suites of bespoke, user friendly, beautifully designed and plain English contracts for prominent Australian PR & Communications agencies including client campaign contracts, supplier contracts, employment contracts, employee handbooks, talent contracts.
    • Representing well-known Australian and international brands to negotiate agreements with equally well known talent for the creation of television and digital content to promote the brands.
    • Providing ongoing legal support to a well-known community radio station including in relation to music licensing, broadcasting rights, talent releases, brand protection and corporate restructuring.
    • Providing advice and supplying written policies to talent and PR & Communications agencies in relation to the Australian Influencer Marketing Code of Conduct.