• Inspired by the intersection of creativity and commerce, we help our clients bring their ideas to life and achieve commercial success along the way.

    We particularly understand IP in the context of commercial law, and as a result, our legal skills are niche, specialised and a perfect fit for creative people and businesses.

    We can help you with things like:

    • Setting up business or restructuring businesses, including companies, trusts, joint ventures, not for profits and partnerships;
    • Capital raising;
    • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs);
    • Employee profit share arrangements;
    • Sale and purchase of businesses;
    • Commercial and retail leases;
    • All types of commercial agreements;
    • Confidentiality (NDA) agreements
    • Loan agreements;
    • Client services agreements and business terms of trade;
    • Shareholder, unit holder, joint venture, and partnership agreements;
    • Debt recovery and statutory demands;
    • Disputes and litigation; and
    • Much, much more.