• Commercial lawyers x Creatives

    Inspired by the intersection of creativity and commerce, we help our clients bring their ideas to life and achieve commercial success along the way.

    As both intellectual property and commercial lawyers, we have a deep understanding of IP in a commercial context. As a result, our legal skills are niche, specialised and a perfect fit for creative people and businesses.

    Who we work with

    We work with a wide spectrum of creative businesses and individuals. Our expertise spans  the arts, entertainment, media and music… health and wellness, food, and hospitality…publishing…tech… architecture, interior design, and construction, and much more!

    For more information about the industries we work with, take a look at our client industries here 

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    Commercial law advice services

    We provide advice on commercial law, such as: 

    • Setting up businesses or restructuring businesses, including companies, trusts, joint ventures, not for profits and partnership.
    • Sale and purchase of businesses.
    • Intellectual property advice and strategy.
    • Trust structures.
    • Capital raising.
    • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).
    • Employee profit share arrangements.

    Commercial law support services

    We can support you and your business, by assisting with the following:

    • Registering your business name, apply for your Australian Business Number and Tax File Number. 
    • Registering your security interest on the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR). 
    • Transactional support for sale and purchase of business. 
    • Establishing discretionary and unit trusts. 
    • Bank guarantee reviews and solicitor certificates. 

    Commercial contract services:

    We can draft, review and negotiate a range of commercial contracts, including: 

    • Heads of agreements. 
    • Sale of business contracts. 
    • Commercial and retail leases.
    • Shareholders agreements. 
    • Unitholders agreements. 
    • Partnership agreements. 
    • Joint venture agreements. 
    • Corporate power of attorneys. 
    • Loan agreements. 
    • Confidentiality agreements. 
    • Sale of assets agreements. 
    • Client services agreements.
    • Business terms of trade. 
    • Supplier agreements. 
    • Supply and manufacturer agreements.
    • Distribution agreements.
    • Professional services agreements. 
    • Share transfer agreements. 
    • Share subscription agreements. 
    • And many more!

    Intellectual property commercialisation services:

    We can help you commercialise your business’ intellectual property (IP) through an IP strategy tailored for your business, protective registrations and key legal documents including: 

    • Registration of trade marks, designs and patents in Australia and internationally.
    • Copyright advice, protection and enforcement.
    • Trade mark, design and patent advice, protection and enforcement.
    • Licensing and assignment of IP assets.
    • Franchising of IP assets.
    • Collaboration agreements.
    • Confidentiality agreements.
    • Employee and contractor agreements (with clauses tailored to ensure business IP ownership and protection).

    Commercial dispute services:

    We have  experience dealing with commercial  disputes in a range of industries, and can assist with: 

    • Breaches of contract.
    • Disputes between employees, contractors and businesses.
    • Intellectual property disputes.
    • Commercial and retail lease disputes.
    • Debt recovery and statutory demands.
    • Drafting and responding to cease and desist letters. 
    • Alternative dispute resolution. 
    • Negotiations and mediation.
    • Copyright, trade mark and design infringement proceedings and litigation. 
    • General commercial disputes and litigation.  



    Common problems our commercial lawyers solve

    • What is the best business structure for my business?
    • What contracts do I need to start working with suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers?
    • How can I protect my business IP?
    • I’ve created a new and unique product, how can I stop others from copying?
    • How do I trade mark my business name and logo?
    • I want to expand my team. Should I hire employees or contractors, and what documents do I need?
    • What do I need to know when buying / selling a business?