Music and Entertainment Law

We’re experienced entertainment lawyers. We represent clients throughout Australia including musicians, record labels, publishers, festivals, event promoters, actors, radio stations, managers and touring agents.

Our inside knowledge of the business allows us to help our clients negotiate deals, handle disputes, maximise commercial opportunities and protect their creative assets.

Speak to us for assistance on the following matters:

. Preparing, reviewing and negotiating music industry contracts such as recording, touring, 360, distribution, publishing, licence, band, booking, performers and management agreements;

. Setting up new businesses;

Advice on ownership and use of copyright in Australia and internationally;

. Licensing of music and other copyrights including synch placements, remixes and sampling;

. Handling legal affairs for festivals and events;

. Registration of trade marks;

. Advising on merchandising, endorsements, publicity and sponsorship matters;

. Pre-publishing clearances for advertisements, scripts, books and other publications;

. Retailing and distribution of digital media including music, software and film;

. Production agreements for television, advertisements and films;

. Talent services agreement (for TV and radio presenters, actors, models and other entertainers);

.Employment and contractor agreements; and

. Disputes and litigation including copyright, partnership and contract disputes.