Fashion, Beauty and Fitness Law

We understand that getting noticed and making a profit in the fashion and beauty industry is difficult, especially for small business. Manufacturing costs are expensive, copying is rife and production and distribution fast paced.

With these challenges in mind, we work strategically with our clients to create successful business ventures, safeguard intellectual property rights and enter into worthy contractual relationships.

Speak to us for assistance on the following matters:

Advising on and setting up business structures;

. Review and negotiation of retail leases;

. Preparation, review and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts including manufacturing, distribution, non disclosure, talent releases, sales and agency agreements;

. Advising on the set-up of online stores, websites and apps;

. Preparing eCommerce terms of trade;

Drafting shipping and returns policies;

White label design contracts;

. Handling legal affairs for fashion and beauty events and runway shows;

. Protection of intellectual property assets such as brands, products and trade secrets;

Trade Mark and design advice and registration;

. Passing off;

Consumer protection advice and compliance;

. Labeling and packaging advice;

Sponsorship, endorsements, advertising, publicity and – merchandising matters;

. Representation for talent and models;

. Employment, contractor and other services agreement;

. Design, copyright, passing off, consumer protection and trade mark disputes and litigation.